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dress code

Both of us appreciate a good outfit, and what better place than at a wedding to turn out your best looks? 

To that end, we want our guests to look and feel their best for our wedding celebrations. More specific guidelines and inspiration for different events will be detailed below, but we want to emphasize that there is no possible way you can be overdressed in our eyes.  

welcome party

Tosca Cafe

smart cocktail

dressy dinner party

scenes from an italian restaurant

dinner and drinks will all be indoors

what you would wear to a nice dinner party in San Francisco's North Beach if you were not coming straight from your tech job

wedding day

Conservatory of Flowers

met gala

camp glamour

creative formal

think over-the-top glamour, the outfit that you have always wanted to wear but thought might be "too much" for a wedding (but not white, please)

(faux) fur coats, gloves, gowns, suits or tuxes with a touch of interest. please plan to dress in appropriate layers. while our reception will be indoors, the ceremony will be outdoors. it might be a cold June in SF! 

please no tech apparel or apple watches

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