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a few of our favorite things...

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

As much as we love the California Golden Bears, there are many other things that we love very very much:


We were born one day apart, Andrew on the 23rd and Isabella on the 24th of December. As such, the holiday season holds a special place in our lives. Isabella also loves to decorate (for any occasion, but mostly for Christmas). We also have a joint birthday party every year!


Some of our favorites include: Philz, Blue Bottle, and Coffee Bean.

Ice Cream

Early days in our relationship were premised on going to Yogurt Park in Berkeley on Thursday nights after Andrew's gospel choir practice was over. Not exactly ice cream, but same idea. Our favorite ice cream spots include: Ici (RIP), Smitten, Fenton's, and specifically the Milk and Cookies flavor from Ben & Jerry's.


San Francisco: Il Casaro or Pizzeria Delfina

Berkeley/Oakland: Sliver Pizzeria or Lucia's

New York: Joe's or John's

Los Angeles: Jon & Vinny's (L.A. Woman)

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